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Parent's Right to Know
Right to Know Qualifications of Teachers and Paraprofessionals - ESEA Sec. 1111(h)(6)(A-B)
Title Programs

Learn about the Title Programs that support much of our work in the school district.

Title I Instructional Coach Coordinators

Three federally-funded Title I Instructional Coach Coordinators work with staff across the district with the purpose of supporting improvement of instruction through job-embedded professional learning, data analysis, collaborative planning, and mentoring. What does that mean?

  • Title I Instructional Coaches FlyerJob-Embedded Professional Learning - work with teachers in the classroom as they work with students
  • Data Analysis - use assessment and survey information from students, parents, and teachers to find ways to make classroom activities help students be successful
  • Collaborative Planning - invest time to work together with teachers and administrators, to share ideas, and to design great learning experiences
  • Mentoring - partner with new teachers to share knowledge and skills, to promote innovative thinking, and foster professional growth

Marrene Gentry and Salena Weed work with staff members in the elementary schools and Amy Smith assists middle and high school staff.

Additional Support

McKinney-Vento Education of Homeless Children and Youth

Title X, Part C

Teresa Sefcik serves as a part-time liaison to help remove some of the barriers experienced by children and their families who qualify for homeless services. Ms. Sefcik provides support which helps our students have an uninterrupted education. She connects families with needed community services during their time of homelessness.

Migrant Education Programs

Title I, Part C

Raquel Moore works with students and their families who qualify for migrant services. Using state guidelines, Mrs. Moore identifies migrant families in our district and helps them access community information to remove barriers caused by the frequent moves related to migrant occupations. She monitors the academic progress of migrant students to be sure they receive additional help through the migrant program as needed.

Title I Parent Involvement Plan


Complaints & Grievances

View and download Title I Procedures & Policies Complaint Procedures (Procedimientos para presentar una queja).

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